A Man Is Hit by Patrol Car and Killed

Being a pedestrian is always a potentially dangerous situation, even more so when it is night time out. Certain roads are not very well lit, and that can lead to some serious accidents. That was the experience of one man in Fife, Washington who is now deceased.

The man was apparently walking along a road at night that was very poorly lit. A police patrol car came upon him first but did not see him there on the road. The man was struck by the patrol car and then by a second vehicle as well. He was killed practically instantly.

There were at least three witnesses to this accident and all are cooperating with the police right now. They are trying to make sure that they have all of the facts of this story correct and squared away. The family of this victim may well come along and decide to go to court to seek damages for wrongful death as is their right.

This particular incident took place at 2am in the morning and along a very dark road as previously mentioned. It may be difficult to prove that there was any negligence or intent to cause damage by either the patrol car or the second car that struck the man. There is going to be a full investigation to figure out exactly what happened, but the case is still being considered at the moment.

These types of events are always difficult no matter what the circumstances are. What we have to realize at the end of the day is that there is a man dead. His family surely is devastated about what has happened and will want to seek every legal avenue that they can to get justice.

A Louisville car accident lawyer is who to go to for this type of help for those in the Louisville area. They are the ones with the expert knowledge and willingness to work on a case like no other. What must not be forgotten about these types of accidents is that there are legal proceedings which must also take place. Even though such events are very tragic and the families are often too emotional to really handle things properly at the moment, there has to be legal recourse which takes place.

In the accident in Fife it may be that it truly was an accident and no farther action is warranted. However, in other cases throughout the country there is every possibility that there should be more done to help the victim’s family. When that is the case the best asset that anyone can have is an attorney. They know how to get through the court system and get to the results that the family wants to see. It is their job to guide family members to where they want to be in the process. It is a job that is taken very seriously, and those who get good lawyers can tell you that it is well worth the expense that they pay.